Seedlip Drinks, a non-alcoholic spirit, came to us to help bring awareness to the US market and get a jump on the growing trend of non-alcoholic alternatives. 

Spring 2020 Team:

  • Nicole Alexander

  • Diana Arutyunyan

  • Sanjana Chowdury

  • Everett Mitchell

  • Kenneth Medina

  • David Puccio

  • Carmen Quang

  • Amera Rime-Lulu

  • Roxie Xie

The brand identified awareness and becoming a key player in the growing category as a goal.
But, I found it interesting that a company with the biggest globally recognized alcohol brands
embraced a non-alcoholic product. 

I needed context, so I began digging. 

dig through the data

I started with an understanding of the: 

wellness category 

The non-alcohol alternative demand is on the rise due to health-conscious millennials



of people want to eat healthier

want to have a balanced diet

Americans, particularly Millennials, are redefining what “healthy” means to them. Health is holistic; mental and physical health and one affects the other.

Then I looked into: 

non-alcoholic beverages 

to learn how this new category is growing and adapting


are reducing consumption because of health reasons



 of Americans aged 21 to 44 are trying to significantly reduce their alcohol intake

are reducing consumption because they are going out less


are increasing consumption because they are socializing more


are increasing consumption because they are going out more

Something jumped out during this round of digging: 

"I feel like alcohol is the new cigarettes. Smoking was completely socially acceptable 20 years ago. Fast-forward a couple of decades and people will drink and use alcohol much differently."

Ruby Warrington, Voice of the Sober Curious Movement


ask questions

Who would be interested in non-alcoholic products?





Recovering Alcoholics


Pregnant Women


speak to people

When asked, about current relationships with alcohol and familiarity about non-alcoholic products we heard:

We just grew up drinking with friends, not to get drunk or anything; it was just what you do. When we go out, the bill… I can’t. That’s why I’m trying to cut back. I do it for lent and stuff, not even catholic, but I feel good, I'm just bored and lonely. 

“I didn’t go out with my friends when I was trying to cut it [the alcohol], so the first thing I did the next month was to invite them over to my apartment for a Netflix & drink party.”

“Dry January was a hell of an experience… I feel healthier, but missing out my buddies’ Friday happy hour sucks.”

There was a common theme here.
People loved how they felt without it but, no alcohol meant no friends.

ask questions

What are the benefits to socialization?

Why are friendships important?

dig into the data

It was important to understand the benefits of friendships and socialization to see why it's missed so much:

Increases your sense of belonging and purpose


Boosts your happiness and reduces your stress



Helps you cope with traumas, such as divorce, serious illness, job loss or the death of a loved one


Encourages you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise

Improves your self-confidence and self-worth


create the story x lay the foundation

this made us realize what our insight was:

People don't miss the alcohol,
they really miss the sociability!

this would be the groundwork for what our campaign would be. 

ask questions x dig into the data

How can we make Seedlip ambassadors of socialization?

What does socialization even mean in Spring 2020?


of people don’t feel comfortable going out to eat at a restaurant or cafe for at least six months


people don’t feel comfortable going to a party or social event for at least six months


cited the ability to socialize with friends and family again as a sign of normality

lay the foundation, lite

Seedlip is a catalyst to help get people talking again!

A catalyst for social change.

This was our mentality while developing creative concepts and strategies!

fight for what's right!

This uses a national issue to bring awareness on how that issue
will be different in a post-COVID world.  

We had to ask ourselves, will this really bring awareness to the product? Is the greater cause too large for the non-alcohol spirit that’s meant to be used as a base?


This issue impacts the world. 


People often socialize over a shared activity or experience. 


We need meaningful, deep conversations with loved ones. 


Make it Matter x Deepen your Connections

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