my research tactics

Here are the seven* tactics I follow to ensure the research done tells the story of the people. 

dig into the data

See what you can learn about the population segments after briefly scanning the provided data. 

ask questions

Whom is this meant to help? What is the impact? Define for me the intended goal or expected outcome. Tell me the idea or story behind this. 

listen up!

Hear what the conversations are about the product, project, or solution the research aims to solve. Does it match what the people are saying?

speak to people

Reach out to the people it's aimed to impact and ask questions, when possible

create the story

Using the data you've dug for, develop the narrative you'll use for the research story. Prepare for the fight!

fight for what's right

​Advocate for the data change, improvement, or replacement and explain its benefits to the end goal. 

lay the foundation

Explain the benefits to the end goal in providing the groundwork for strategic and creative development.