Heineken 0.0

Heineken 0.0 sought to amplify their #NowYouCan campaign for their non-alcoholic beer, believing the product could be perceived as a cool, health-conscious, great tasting beer alternative for:

  • Professional Man/Women of the World

  • Health Conscious

  • Moderate Experienced

  • Active Parents

Fall 2019 Team:

  • Nicole Alexander

  • Jose Fresan

  • Penelope Herrera

  • Natasha Khemraj

  • Melissa Lee
H Now You Can.png

The brand identified awareness as a problem but,
we believed there were a few discrepancies with the product placement and the Active Parents persona.

I was not convinced,
so I began digging.


dig through the data

Using Simmons, I looked at: 

active parent x location 

segments to see how they aligned with what Heinken believed.

And, nearly every time I saw, 

* *


meaning the projections are likely unstable.

So, I did more digging. 


ask questions

We had people come back mad because they picked this stuff up by accident. So, we moved it.

3 inquires with stores

Common themes:  

  • Customers returned upset accidentally picking up 0.0 

  • Chose to place 0.0 with other non-alcoholic options. 


listen up x speak to the people

In a Mexican restaurant, a Heineken 0.0 commercial aired.
Older Gen Xers and Baby Boomers were talking about it so I listened.
After the second one, I joined. 

Older people like me would like this… I grew up on beer. These kids today like wine and weed. But I like beer. And, a lot of us are on meds so I shouldn’t be having alcohol like that anyway. I’d buy it.
 -Black Male, 71

I think I’ve seen this in the store when I went up north but I think it was with the other Heineken stuff so I wasn’t sure if it was really alcohol-free
-Latina Woman, late 40s 

They should advertise this to us 40 somethings. I still want the taste but I can’t handle multiple beers anymore
-Black Woman, 51

Exactly. Especially because I’m assuming it tastes the same it just doesn’t have the buzz
-Mixed Woman, 40s


 dig through the data 

there was something to that:


of users have decreased alcohol consumption


of the nearly 55 Million adults who use marijuana are millennials


typically smoke with company


create the story



​Cali Sobers left alcohol behind replacing it with marijuana and related products.


With Heineken 0.0 current branding and marketing, this was the best solution. 


fight for what's right

Cali Sobers are the right now,

Gen Xers are the future


are still enjoying alcohol and wine on a regular basis.


of Gen X men 43% Baby Boomer men are most likely to cite beer as their favorite alcoholic drink.


of U.S. adults admitted that they’ve had a problem with drinking to excess.


lay the foundation

The new persona and future target market recommendations, backed by research, laid the foundation for the strategy and creative teams at Heineken to reevaluate & adjust current strategies to incorporate Cali Sobers into their reach.   

gave up alcohol because of it's negative health impacts & stigmas?

H 0.0 cans.png

#NowYouCan drink with friends, wherever, without fear, just taste

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