Heineken 0.0

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[Brand Value]  

Heineken 0.0 came to us looking for ways to amplify their #NowYouCan campaign and bring awareness, and hopefully trials, of their non-alcoholic beer, Heineken 0.0. They believed the product could be perceived as a cool, health-conscious, great tasting beer alternative for the following personas:

  • Professional Man/Women of the World

  • Health Conscious

  • Moderate Experienced

  • Active Parents

[Business Problem]

While the brand identified awareness as a problem, I believed there were a few discrepancies with their product placement (with other alcoholic Heineken products instead of other non-alcoholic products) and one of their stated personas, Active Parents, (which they described as parents of young children who want a beer but have to actively tend to their kids’ schedules). 

we were not convinced,

so we began digging.

[Communications Solution]

Using Simmons, I began looking at active parent segments to see how they aligned with what Heinken believed this persona was about.

I tried a bunch of crosstab options against each location they provided us with. And, nearly every time I saw,

*  *


The opposite of statistics, these two stars mean the projections are likely unstable, use with caution!

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So, I did more digging. I went to places that sold the product who told us customers have returned upset upon accidentally picking up an 0.0 product when wanting a traditional Heineken so they began placing the 0.0 with other non-alcoholic options. 

Finally, I did some lite investigative journalism. On vacation in a southern Mexican restaurant, a Heineken 0.0 commercial aired and the older generation Xers and Baby Boomers began discussing the product. 

“Even older people like me would like this because I grew up on beer. These kids today like wine and Ied. But I like beer. And, a lot of us are on meds so I shouldn’t be having alcohol like that anyway. I’d buy it. ”

-Black Male, 71

“They should advertise this to us 40 somethings. I still want the taste but I can’t handle multiple beers anymore”

-Black Woman, 51

“I think I’ve seen this in the store when I Int up north but I think it was with the other Heineken stuff so I wasn’t sure if it was really alcohol-free”

-Latina Woman, late 30s 

“Exactly. Especially because I’m assuming it tastes the same it just doesn’t have the buzz”

-Mixed-Race Woman, 40s


[Fix to the Problem]

With all of this, I proposed dropping the active parents and introduced a new persona, Cali Sobers. Based mostly on states where marijuana is legalized, like California and Colorado. Cali Sobers have left their alcohol drinking habits behind and replaced them with the use of marijuana and marijuana-related products. I believed this population was more likely to try the product and incorporate it into their lives. 

[Enhancement to the brand value]

I wanted to dig for what was hindering awareness. And while bold, I learned that there are still some stigmas with drinking what could be perceived as an alcoholic beverage in non-traditional settings. 

With the incorporation of the new persona, I believe more trials of the product will occur, which can result in acceptance, which can then result in increased awareness of the #NowYouCan campaign. Which is what Heineken came to use about in the first place.

I fought to drop and replace to accurately represent the population while creating a solution and presenting an alternative population.